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With change comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes growth. Choose Gold Links Health Solutions as your strategic partner and ensure that change favours you.

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Gold Links Health Solutions Ltd. was founded in response to the legislative and practice changes in the pharmacy industry in Canada. With diminishing margins at the pharmacy level, and increased pressures on manufacturers and distributers, practicing pharmacy at status quo is no longer an option.

Innovation and outside-the-box thinking are no longer assets. They are a must! We offer turnkey and customized pharmacy business management solutions to maximize bottom lines and to build lasting relationships between various stakeholders in the pharmacy industry with patient care at the centre.

Our ultimate objective is to create a win-win-win scenario in which retailers, vendors and patients all benefit from collaborations facilitated by Gold Links Health Solutions.

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Pharmacy practice in Canada has changed. Gold Links has the tools to help you adapt and ensure that change favours you.

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By building collaborative relationships between various stakeholders in the industry, our services maximize efficiencies and revenues at all levels, while maintaining the patient at the centre of care.



Streamline your workflow to take advantage of existing revenues or create new ones. Every organization is unique. We bring together expertise from various sectors in the industry to customize solutions for your business. Whether through policies and procedures development, training and education, or patient loyalty and retention, we work with your organization to ensure that your targets are met.



Improve client loyalty by providing value-add services to differentiate your organization from the competition. Whether professional or business development tools, educational program development, or direct-to-patient services, we can help you customize solutions for key accounts, and position your company as the go-to partner for success.



With diminishing margins and increased pressures on every stakeholder in the industry, payers are forced to think outside the box in order to improve value for paid services. Partner with Gold Links Health Solutions to develop professional services to improve patient outcomes while mitigating drug expenditure.



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In the rapidly evolving pharmacy market, Gold Links Health Solutions is committed not only to keeping you current with industry updates and developments, but also to bringing you industry best practices to ensure that you remain ahead of the competition.

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